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Cross-channel engagement analytics across all your social networks

Starts at $6450 per month plus a setup fee

Rebel Roar is the fastest solution for creating highly responsive websites that enable brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies to run marketing and sponsorship campaigns across multiple social networks. Unlike other production tools, Rebel Roar dramatically reduces the time needed to create, manage, and moderate your social landing sites through automated rules that cut out needless manual oversight – for instance, automated permissions that ask users for the right to use their content.

All content feeds are monitored, and Rebel Roar highlights trending content so it can be cross-promoted where needed. Amplification features ensure that followers and engagement grow through the use of automatically generated newsletters, Twitter cards and other social alerts.

Content about to go viral can also be promoted as cross-site traffic drivers or as IAB standard ad units – with new trending content switched out in real-time. Rebel Roar engages your community by giving them the ability to contribute content on topics they care about, increasing depth of engagement across the board. 

Rebel Roar starts at $6450 per month plus a setup fee  - contact us to discuss your needs.

What is Rebel Roar?

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Rebel Explore and Rebel Roar Comparison

How can I make my
Rebel Explore Site look amazing?

There are many ways to update your Rebel Explore site to take advantage of the rich set of design capabilities. For ideas take a look at the individual, small business and non-profit customer examples at rebelmouse.com/inspiration.

Here's some quick pointers:

  1. Add a header to your site
  2. Change the background color
  3. Embed your site onto your website
  4. Automatically create a newsletter 

For more design tips and other how to guides, please visit our new help center.



Explore or Roar?

For many individuals, bloggers, musicians, artists, non-profits and rebels of all kinds, Rebel Explore is the fastest and most cost-effective way to spread ideas, share stories and engage fans. For ideas on how to customize your Rebel Explore site take a look at rebelmouse.com/inspiration.
If you you want to do the following then you will need to upgrade to Rebel Roar. 
  • Fully customized layouts and Type Kit fonts
  • Use more than 25 content sources
  • Remove RebelMouse branding
  • Run real-time content ads
  • Power your site with community profiles and content
  • Get viral content alerts
  • Get permission for user generated content 

If you are interested in upgrading to Rebel Roar then send us a message below.

Rebel Roar connects the worlds of digital publishing, paid advertising and social media into the first all-in-one content platform that lets you instantly bring great ideas to life and nurture meaningful conversations in today's distributed media world.

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